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#1 with collectors coin is sold

"The Heavy Magic King"
Series #1
Hancrafted soul from Will Cascio of Heavy Magic.

Looking for for a piece of Silver Works no one else owns yet ?

New for 2008 and the very first of it's kind offered to the public.

At 53.3g's the Heavy Magic King is one the largest highly detailed
crowned silver skulls found anywhere.

Meticulously carved in wax and cast in
Solid .925 Sterling Silver.
Hand marked by the artist HM #1 2008.

collectors set.


HM King Skull:

53.3g Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Height: 1 7/8" bottom jaw to top of bail
Width: 1" at widest point of crown
Large Bail accommodates up to a heavy 8mm link

Black 25" German metal chain with Sterling Silver clasp

"Bonus" HM Collectors coin:
15.5g Solid .925 Sterling Silver
Heightt: 1 1/4"
Width: 1 1/8"
Thickness: 1/8"

The Heavy Magic King comes with a signed and dated
Certificate Of Authenticity, along with a first time offering of
a Special Edition 15.5g .925 Sterling Silver
HM Trade Mark Silver Coin, hand marked HM KING #1.

Handmade HM leather carrying pouch included.

HM #1



Special Edition
15.5g .925 Sterling Silver
Heavy Magic TM Silver Collectors Coin
hand marked HM KING #1 on back



A beautiful HM Siilver Collectors set.

Large Bail will accommodate up to a heavy 8mm link chain.


I believe each piece has it's own soul & personality,
based on it's imperfections and therefore choose not to hide
them in my silver works. Instead they are allowed to remain and
thus build on individuality, mystery, and overall handmade
captivation of my pieces.

When it's a Heavy Magic
you just know.

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