My works in silver represent all that Heavy Magic stands for.
At once full of Passion, Dark Beauty, Love & Soul.

I believe each piece has it's own soul & personality, based on it's imperfections
and therefore choose not to hide them in my silver works, instead they are allowed to remain and thus build on individuality, mystery and Old World captivation of my pieces.

New Engraved link wallet chain with blue topaz stones

Skulls have been my focus this year.
I have a ring and some beads coming out then I will move on to a more elegant style
I'm working on.

All New Skull Beads!
3 set necklace


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Skull Bead Size:
ht: 1/2"

Price per Skull bead $64


Pendant $525


.925 The Cross of Heavy Magic
Small Silver Cross
HT: 2.75"






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Dragon Heart Cross

Heavy King Skull pendant
currently made to order

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