From the Treasure of Heavy Magic
"Lost Blue Stone"


Picture yourself pulling this Dark and Beautiful piece
from a wreck on the bottom of the Ocean!
The Lost Blue Stone is a Heavy Magic collectors piece
100% handmade by Will Cascio of Heavy Magic .

Original Waxes for this truly powerful piece were carved by Will in 1994.
The piece's design will be added to the 06 HM Treasure line.
Own the Original.


Chain is made up of
Smooth Double & Double Crown HM links


.925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 250.7g

Cross is adorned with a Deep Blue Antique Stone

Cast Heavy Magic signature on Clasp
Hand signed HM 2/18/06 on Cross

Piece completed 2/18/06.


Artist Statement:
I have a love for old worn items, I especially love the treasures of the past,
the dark mysterious beauty of the rough craftsmanship, the years of use and
the passage of time all right there for you to see.

To imagine where the pieces have been and who might have worn them.
How they just feel good in your hands, like fine old woodworking
tool handles, worn to perfectly fit the hand of the man that used it.

Like those faded Levis full of holes that "you can't throw out" because
"they feel so damn good."
or like old cowboy boots, you can see a story just by looking at them.

"That is the feeling I strive for in my silver works."

I believe each piece has it's own personality & soul , based on it's unique imperfections,
just like humans, and therefore I allow them to remain and thus build
on the individuality, mystery and captivation of my handcrafted pieces.

The way I look at it, they are earned jewels of the creation process that sets
one piece apart from the others, giving it that special feeling and soul that
subconsciously draws you in.

I put everything I've got into every piece I make
Why cover that beauty up?

It is the piece's story.
It is also my story as the craftsman during the creation of a piece.

If you see what I see
that's Heavy Magic.

Will Cascio