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Heavy Magic Fine Leather Customs was founded in 1995 by Will Cascio,
and currently based in Austin Texas.

Will's background is colorful and as diverse as they come.
He grew up in the southwest in a cowboy environment on one side
of the family, and modern gypsy/rock and roll on the other.

Some of his former life experiences include:
• 9 years Rodeo Cowboy
• 4 years Professional Jockey
• 8 years Professional Graphic and Web Designer
•13+ years on and off as a Professional Actor/Stuntman with a long line of credits,
such as stunt doubling Michael J. Fox on the "Back to the Future"
films, and playing "Raphael" in Teenage Mutant Turtles III.

Most recent at the movies he did alot of stuntwork on
"Second Hand Lions" with Robert Duvall & Michael Cain due out Sept 03 watch for it,
as he did a lot of horse stuntwork in this one and also stuntwork in The Alamo.

Will is self taught and accomplished in many art forms including:
• master leather craftsman.
• wax carving for bronze sculpture,and silver jewelry.
• acrylic hand painting & airbrush on canvas.
• Computer Art & Graphic design

His current artistic love is his leather work focused mainly on the Motorcycling Industry
& custom chopper seats, under his Heavy Magic Fine Leather Customs company name.

I really love the leather work, I was fortunate enough early on to be allowed into the
shop and to learn the basic ropes and some advance techniques from a man I look up to and consider to be the absolute best of the best in the world of leather,"a real innovative genius", "Bill Wall" and many thanks go out for that to him and his crew.

Leather to me
is all consuming, to the point where
"I would not eat if I did not need the nutrition" because I feel there is not enough time,
"only time to create", and as many hours of the day as possible.
Obsessive ? yes!
Driven? yes!
Dedicated? yes!
"Consistently reaching a particular level of physical endurance
while creating is where the magic is for me.
I want to see tomorrow's, "today"

"When I sit down to a piece for 17+ hours, there comes the hour when life,
problems, basic distractions all melt away. "It is here, in this area of purity,
creation is set free and my world begins. This is where great leather work
becomes Heavy Magic.

When you give a piece this much attention in one setting, something changes,
it's no longer just a job, it becomes a part of you, and you become a part of it.
"Sometimes it's really hard to let some of the pieces go when they turn out better
than you could have dreamed." You just want to say "I'm Keeping this one,"
but of course it has to go and I get a real kick when the client is really happy with their piece.Makes it all worth it, "every hour."

Look for him on the Discovery Channel's new season series of the Great Biker Build-Off
taking part in a bike build where he does some crazy Heavy Magic on a Discovery bike.

The Build-Off is between
Warren Vesely of Cedar Lake Indiana "Will's team"
& Covington Cycle City of Woodward Oklahoma......... should air this Fall-early 05.


Will's former Graphic design works grace the covers of 2 music CD releases,
tour package design, and Tower Records advertising for
Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann's band Trichromes.
His Graphic Art has been published in several premiere magazines in including:

• CHURN art magazine
• Magical Blend
• Lapis
• RELIX music magazine


If your into computer art,
here is another of Will's sites, full of interesting computer graphic works.

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