Heavy Magic Silver





Gary Clark Jr. with his Signature Heavy Magic
World Peace Hood Ornament
Killing it at the 2010 Clapton Guitar Fest.




Silver Chains silver king crowned skull pendant

HM Heavy Silver Patina Chain

for pendants

LG 7.1 mm links
two lengths available
24" & 33 "

LG Silver Crowned King Skull Pendant







Ultrafine Custom Guitar Straps

custom guita strap


currently made to order.
"see the documented work in progress by clicking the image"

Silver Skull Ring



Custom 5x4 Wallets starting at $650
Currently made to Order

5x4 custom wallets

Collectors item

leather guantlet

1/1 "Hardwire" Soul Armour
Custom Leather/Stainless Steel/Sterling Silver Gauntlet
click on Image for more info.




Wallet Chain

engraved silver wallet chain
silver hood ornament
unique,small,silver cross


24" Engraved Silver Wallet Chain with stones

World Peace Hood Ornament

"The Cross Of Heavy Magic" --- comes in 2 sizes




Sterling silver Muertos Skull
Silver Skull Pendant
Silver Brute Force Bracelet
Lg. engraved
Dia De Los Muertos Skull
Heavy Magic TM

Brute Force Bracelet


Silver Beads

silver peace sign pendant,necklace
silver skull
silver devil skull bead
Sm. Peace Sign
HM skull bead
HM Devil Skull Bead



peace sign concho
Silver Treasure coin concho
Classic Concho

HM Peace Sign Conchos
with chicago screw backs

HM Treasure Coin Concho

made to order

HM Classic Concho

approx 17.7 gr.
chicago screw backs

set of 4 in stock





Glass Beads

003 silver beads and glass beads

click images to see the line