heavy magic will cascio 210x300 ABOUT
Based in the South Austin Texas, Will Cascio has been in the studio turning out some of the most
intricateLeather and Silver works in the world, under the Heavy Magic brand since 1995. His Passion and
Dedication, to the craft are obvious, in the level of detailed stitching and execution in his leather, along with
the Rough Old World look and feel of his Silver works have become his Trademark.

In recent times with his Heavy Magic Soulfilled Sound Machine, Will proceeded to up the anti in a whole new
area of the art world, by designing and building arguably the finest, and certainly the most “over the top” guitar amplifier and speaker cabinet combination ever seen.
Visit featured editorial in Guitar Aficionado online.

In the past Heavy Magic’s creations have gained wide respect, being an integral part of some of the custom motorcycling world’s finest show winning bikes. His works have been featured on The Discovery Channel’s “
Great Biker Build-Off, in the Prestigious Rob Report Collections magazine -along with numerous Leading Chopper Magazines.

Will’s earlier careers include:
nine years as a rodeo cowboy
four years as a Professional Jockey
eight years as a Graphic /Web Designer
23 years on and off for as a Professional Actor/Stuntman

… with films like:
Back to the Future II & III, Stunt Doubling for Michael J. Fox, and Ninja Turtles III, playing Rapheal Stunt Turtle to his credit.

Will’s former Graphic design works grace the covers of 2 music CD releases, tour package design, and Tower Records
advertising for Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann’s band Trichromes.

His Graphic Art has been published in several premiere magazines in including:

• CHURN art magazine
• Magical Blend
• Lapis
• RELIX music magazine


Heavy Magic santa fe ABOUT

-what does this mean?
In short, it is the name I coined for a special place I like to be.
It’s a higher level, a landscape past the limits, a place you experience when unchained, a place you truly want to be.
It’s the moment in time where you are prepared but beyond your personal limit, where your “all in”, and all the stars Aline.

It’s a game changing moment, when your allowed to transcend all belief, and move into a new area, and a new level best. It’s beautiful,
it’s empowering, it comes with the gift of a new understanding of the possibilities, and this in turn spills over enriching your life as a whole.

For myself, it’s a place, an experience I had long ago that took me to a higher personal level of the senses, one more beautiful than I had ever felt. It was a true feeling on a subconscious level, of being one with the Cosmos. I was so moved by this experience, that I began to think about obsessively, how it happened, how it was created, and how I could make it myself.

I called it “Heavy Magic”, because that was the only words I could think of to describe it to anybody.

It was Magic and it was Heavy.

Once I figured out how to get there myself, I began to use the method as a way of reaching beyond my best.
For me, “it is the key.” it holds all I believe in, it speaks for me from my heart, through my actions, and from my hands.
It is good magic, it is positive vibe, It is the spirit of the next level.